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Hi there.  This is my first site. I call it Ilene's Community Space.  In our space here, you can help each other out.  Give advise.  Meet people.  Who knows, maybe your future... something is just a click away.  This site is for everybody, no matter your color, religion, sex, sexual preferences, the land you are from or currently living in and my favorite... if you're an outcast like I am, the black sheep of your family/friends.  Do you like music?  What kind?  I'm a rocker myself.  Are you on Facebook?  My badge is below. There's also an e-mail form to get me directly.   Do you have a cool story to share?  Email it to me and I'll post it.  The page your story/poem/song lyrics/art is on depends on the contents.  My original idea for this site was to help kids, give advise.  There's a lot of kids who feel trapped, unable to vent.  I'm... we're here for you.  Adults, you too. We all need somebody every now and then.  There is a table of contents with page details below.

disclaimer:  We reserve the right to edit anything that is offensive, crude, or innappropriate.  You need to be able to communicate in the American language.  That's how we roll.

I would seriously appreciate any and all comments, suggestions and help.  I need help with this techie stuff.  Thank you, Ilene

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 Table of Contents

page 1. home (you are here)

page 2. Our Community Our People (Meet people.  Discuss news, events, etc)

3. Our Favorite Web sites and pages (for kids & family)

4. Dear Ms. Ruby ( Ask Ms. Ruby anything. Nothing is taboo.  Ask about sex, your period or puberty, boys, girls, relationships, anything.  You can chat with Ms. Ruby or the other people in our community).

5. Just Us Ladies

6. Just The guys

7. Buisness, finance & news (You're more than welcome to advertise on this page. E-mail me a link. My new buisness venture will be here soon also). 

8. Our Pictures (Share all of your pictures.  Mine's there.

9. Games and Game Communities  


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